Craig Stuke Music - Music and Preaching Evangelist / Musician from Oklahoma USA

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I am a Christian musician / evangelist from Oklahoma USA.

The music player to the right will give you 30 second clips of all of the music I have available on line and provide a link for making purchases.

Click the 'Listening Page' button below to listen to full length versions of my music.

Want to understand Music Theory? Pianists and guitarist who want to understand music theory - Click the 'Piano Lessons' button and watch my '30 Minute Introduction to Piano'. You don't need to be able to play piano to understand this. If you can play three note major chords, I can use that to show you how to understand the language of music. It then is applicable to guitar, or any other instrument.

When you have time, check out my 'Testimony'.




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'On Line' Guitar Lessons - Click on the 'Guitar Lessons' button and start your guitar lessons.

'On Line' Piano Lessons - Click the 'Piano Lessons' button to start your 'on-line' piano lessons. Learn to play by ear and do it with confidence.


Keeping Up to Date:

Friday April 18th is the release date for my new ten song CD entitled "Praise Hymns". This project consists of ten well know Hymns arranged with acoustic instruments. It is available at / / etc.

The "Praise Hymns" project is also available as performance tracks (without vocals) for worship leaders and music ministers who would like to use the audio background tracks in their worship services. For now, I would be glad to email you these tracks.

Video files are also available which include audio, lyrics, and nice backgrounds. email me if you are interested in using them.