Craig Stuke Music - Music and Preaching Evangelist / Worship Leader  / Heritage Family Baptist - Tuttle, OK.




Contact  Information

(405) 224 - 1593

'Guitar Lessons' - Video will show you how to tune and play first chords.

'Piano Lessons' Video - Start learning how to play by ear.

'Piano Music' - Free downloadable piano arrangements in PDF format. 

'Piano Lessons' - Scales, Arpegios, Inversions in every key in PDF format.

Music Theory Questions? Click the 'Piano Lessons' button and watch my 30 Minute 'Introduction to Piano'.


Listed below are the CD's I have available.  Several are collaborations with other Christian musicians. Click on them to listen.


CD Christ in MeCD I can hear youcd praise hymnscdcd

cdCowboy Poetryeasy hymn singchristmas music