Craig Stuke Music - Music and Preaching Evangelist / Worship Leader  / Heritage Family Baptist Tuttle, OK.





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(405) 224 - 1593

'Guitar Lessons' on the menu bar will show you how to tune and play your first chords.

Piano Lessons - Click the 'Piano Lessons' button to start learning how to play by ear and do it with confidence.

Piano teachers / players Check out my free piano arrangements in PDF format.  Click the'Piano Music' on the menu bar.

You will also find Scales, Arpegios, and Inversions in every key inPDF format.  Click 'Piano Lessons' on the menu bar.

Music Theory Questions? Click the 'Piano Lessons' button and watch my '30 Minute 'Introduction to Piano'.

And don't forget to check out my testimony - on the menu bar.


Listed below are the CD's I have available.  Several are collaborations with other Christian musicians. Click on them and listen.


CD Christ in MeCD I can hear youcd praise hymnscd Christmas background tracks

 cdcdcdcd hymn sing