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Chord Pictures: Chords A, D, E


This is the page to start your guitar playing instruction. You may need to tune up, so notice the Video button on the left. Some basic info about string numbers, finger numbers and fret numbers will help you not get confused. The pictures of the chords have diagrams with them as you would find in any chord book.

The lessons are designed to be played by the notes as well as playing the chords. Download the sheet music and try to play along with the mp3 audio files that go with each lesson. If you are a beginner you may need to just go at your own pace without the audio files until you are ready to play in time and fast enough to keep up.

If you would like a CD of the audio tracks, purchase ten songs in the music store and e mail me your address and I'll send you a CD.

On to lesson one...just a click away on the menu bar. Have Fun!